Modernizing a heritage brand through a streamlined web experience.

Wyeast Laboratories is an industry leader, providing the premium liquid yeast used in the production of beer, wine, cider, sake, and spirits, with products designed for both home enthusiasts and professionals. With a comprehensive product catalog comes the need for strong organization and categorization. Partnering with Wyeast on a website project, FlowState was tasked to help streamline how their extensive library of products was presented, making their website more user-friendly for customers and ultimately easier for Wyeast to manage on the backend.

At the same time the design of the website was taking place, we took the opportunity to refine the brand as a whole. As Wyeast is a well-established company, we wanted to retain the core components of their identity but reimagine the application of the brand, moving it into a more modern expression.

Project Type
Web Design
FlowState Branding