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Walter's 303

Bringing out the personality in a local favorite pizzeria and publik house

My Role

  • Brand Identity
  • Menu Design
  • Web Design (UI)
  • Photography


  • FlowState Branding

The Brand

Walter's 303 Pizzeria and Publik house, a Colorado favorite, was seeking a refresh in order to bring a more solid connection to the brand across all their locations. Another goal of the brand refresh was to amplify the personality of their brand and introduce some funk but not in a way that would deter their current customers. To do this, we (Flowstate Branding) worked with the team at Walter's to develop a brand voice with big personality through a number of fun taglines that each added their own punch to the brand. Using this messaging as a foundation, we built the visual identity in a way that maintained the same level of excitement through illustrations and custom photography.

Because the brand was already established and recognized in multiple locations, we didn't want to completely shift the brand away from something that was working for them already. Instead, we wanted to take the elements that were working and streamline them but also amplify other parts of the brand to build up their personality. One of the ways we maintained a connection with the legacy brand was through the color palette. We explored many color combinations throughout the process but ultimately landed on a unique color palette with warm neutrals, a brighter contrasting color, and a primary teal color which was already used on the interior of multiple Walter's locations thus connecting the legacy brand with the updated brand.

The Website

A website is one of the most important presentations of a brand so getting to design the Walters website after completing the branding process was a golden opportunity to showcase everything we created for them. From custom graphics, to messaging, to custom photography, we presented the updated brand in a way so that the customer was able to understand the personality of the brand and ultimately was excited to visit a Walter's location. It was important to show off their personality but also to showcase each location along with their menu and ever-rotating tap list. This piece of the puzzle was a challenge but we ultimately were able to integrate a tap list into the website along with a branded online menu that mirrored the physical menu.

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