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The Egg of Estes

A fresh new identity for the best mountain breakfast in Estes.

My Role

  • Branding Identity
  • Menu Design
  • UI / UX
  • Photography


  • FlowState


Formerly just a location of a large national breakfast restaurant franchise, owners Ania and Ryan turned their restaurant into an independent place of their own. As a result, was created to fuel the mountain ventures of Estes Park visitors and residents alike. The two owners partnered with FlowState Marketing to develop their new identity. While working on the project I was able to help develop such an identity that fit their personality and integrated some elements from their surrounding landscape into the brand. On this project we created a fresh new identity, complete with new logo and menu designs,  as well as a new website complete with custom food photography.

The logo

One of the first key elements in building the brand was creating a distinct and memorable logo. This was done by incorporating three elements of their identity into the mark. First and most obvious is the “e” that represents the name Egg of Estes. Second, making up the negative space of the “e” is the silhouette of a cracked egg connecting again with the name of the restaurant. Finally, the crack of the egg silhouette was designed to look like a mountain range to embed features of their location right into their identity.

The menu

I created a full, one-page menu and a kids menu during this project as well as a black and white (printer-friendly) take-out version of each. The number of dishes on the menu combined with descriptions and section headings presented a slight challenge to preserve an aesthetically pleasing layout on the full menu all while keeping the text at a legible size. When it came time to design the menu on the website, we were able to utilize the section headings again turning them into tab sections in order to make exploring the menu intuitive, to avoid overwhelming the visitor, and to keep the on-site menu to a reasonable size.


With the final branding direction established and the menu designed, we moved into the website stage of the project. I was tasked with designing a relatively small but intuitive site aligned with the brand identity we had just created. Knowing that a high percentage of restaurant visitors explore an online menu before deciding on a restaurant, it was critical to keep the mobile user top of mind while designing this site. The finshed site was responsive and contained a team page that highlighted team members in a fun way, an ingredients page that called out notable ingredients used in their dishes, and a menu page that was easy to navigate on mobile.

The menu page also contained custom food photography for each category. Using the approved website design as a shot list, we went on-location where I captured not only food photography for the site but also shots of the kitchen, team members, and other interior shots to populate the other pages of the site.

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