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SOFA Brand

Exciting content for an innovative MX gear brand.

My Role

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web Design


  • FlowState Branding

The job

SOFA Brand (State of Attraction) is a new-to-market motocross gear brand bringing innovation to the way riders prepare for action. They were looking for a partner to help launch their brand with a website complete with high quality original content that would grab the attention of their audience. Working with FlowState Branding, I was able to fill a number of roles on this project: as director, videographer, and editor to produce a hype video for launch; in the roles of photographer and retoucher to populate the site with both action and product photography; and finally as a designer working closely with development to visually relay the value of SOFA’s gear system in a quick and easily digestible manner.

The process

We wanted the photography to convey the brand lifestyle by showing a community of riders in action, proving that SOFA’s gear doesn’t sacrifice performance for aesthetic. We were able to do this by turning the riders loose, letting them put the gear to the test with their only limit being their own comfort which of course, meant we had to be on our toes so we didn’t miss any key moments. Using the website design as a basis for the photography shotlist, I was able to work with a small, agile team to efficiently capture the required stills for the website and at the same time film all the shots needed to complete the brand video.

The brand video was meant to be a mashup of inspiration and highlight reel. To help reach an inspirational tone, we utilized voiceover to convey a message of “do things differently.” We felt that this messaging overlaying fast-paced action shots struck the right balance of exciting and inspiring. Having storyboarded the video beforehand, we built the day’s schedule around getting ample coverage to complete the video narrative, still coverage would then follow that same schedule.

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