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Nurange Coffee

Designing the visual identity and go-to-market packaging for an exciting new cold brew coffee line.

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  • Branding Identity
  • Packaging Design


  • FlowState Branding

The job

As a designer, I basically run on coffee, so when NuRange coffee came to FlowState Marketing looking for a partner to design the identity and packaging for a new line of cold brew coffee products, I was beyond excited to be a part of the project. Getting to work with awesome clients and drink delicious cold brew were just huge bonuses.

The challenges

As newcomers to the competitive coffee market, it was important for NuRange coffee to have a unique and distinct identity that would set them apart from the competition. For this reason we spent a lot of time honing in on their target audience of young professionals and doing “market research” to see how we could position them differently in the market. In other words, we drank more coffee than usual during this project in order to inspect the packaging of various coffee products more closely, giving us insight into how we could stray from the status quo of coffee.

As a result of our market research, we decided to stay away from browns and tans that are widely used in many coffee brands and instead decided on a mainly black and white direction that was high contrast and high impact with pops of color used strategically to identify the different SKUs.

Tying the final brand direction into the packaging, we were able to produce go-to-market designs for their three initial SKUs: their base cold brew coffee, CBD infused coffee, and an alcoholic cold brew cocktail that has yet to launch but is eagerly anticipated. Due to the fact that each of these three products all fell into separate categories of beverages - each with it’s different set of laws and regulations to adhere to - I had to learn a lot very quickly during my first time setting foot into the world of packaging.

The results

Despite the challenges, we were able to deliver designs that both the clients and their customers loved. Since the initial launch, we have worked with NuRange to refine that packaging further to connect even better with their consumer while at the same time producing designs for two new SKUs, a cold brew latte and a soon to launch black cold brew coffee. We continue to see NuRange gain traction as they recently landed a presence in every Whole Foods across Colorado and we look forward to seeing that familiar packaging on the shelves in even more locations soon.

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