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Refining a tech company with sleek new branding and a website to match.

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  • Brand Identity
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design


  • FlowState Branding


Mashbot, a tech company that focuses on updating and streamlining internal solutions for large corporations tapped FlowState Branding to overhaul their brand and take their web presence to the next level. As part of the FlowState team, I was able to contribute to the project by playing a large part in developing the visual identity, creating a number of motion graphics, and playing a supporting role in carrying out the design of the website.

The website

I played a large role in designing the graphics present on some of the more crucial pages on the website and then carrying those designs into motion graphics that related to each service. Another key visual that I was able to create for the project broke down their process into digestible phases that, though complex, could be understood quickly with the aid of these final animations. I was also able to work with the team to bring the full design of the site to completion by fleshing out the pages once the wireframes were complete and also selecting imagery that applied to the site as well as applying the brand image treatment to the photography.

The Brand

The goal of the branding project was to create a memorable brand that was sleek, clean and professional looking while still accomplishing a unique and eye-catching visual identity. In order to accomplish that goal, lots of thought was put towards each individual piece that made up the final brand. A pair of fonts were selected that had a "techy" feel without being overly themed and still maintained a professional feel. We selected brighter colors with a primary blue that's full of energy and also reminiscent of the startup screens present on some earlier computers. We also created a number of small format graphics, icons, and isometric graphics that were unique representations of their approach to their solutions.

In addition to the graphic work, one of the other visual components I had a large hand in creating was the image treatment. While we always try to build brands in a way that will work with naturally colored imagery, we wanted to explore an image treatment that could be connected to the brand and the services they provide all while maintaining a cohesive look across all imagery. We landed on a black and white color scheme to accomplish the goal of cohesiveness (so even if images were colored completely different they'd all be somewhat uniform), then we applied a gridded screen overlay to the images to not only connect to the idea of computer screens but also to connect to the highly organized, component-based nature of the way they approach building solutions.

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