Marcom Central

Making digital asset management easier for brands

As companies grow, so does the number of assets they create. Eventually, it can get difficult to manage the vast number of assets and make sure every single piece of material is brand aligned, up to date with the correct information, and the right size and format. Enter Marcom. The MarcomCentral platform provides brands with a centralized location where teams can easily collaborate, access approved files, and stay connected no matter where they’re working. In the competitive arena of Digital Asset Management, Marcom was looking for a fresh approach in order to stand out and cut through the noise all while communicating the benefits of their platform in a way that's digestible and easy to grasp.

As we started exploring visual directions for the brand, we wanted to ensure we maintained the brand equity Marcom had already established while giving the brand a healthy push into a more distinct and refined version of itself. We amped up the brand palette and moved away from using gradients in the brand opting for a flatter look that achieved a more high contrast and energetic feel. We established a vector illustration style that complimented this flat look and utilized only an arm in combination with isolated imagery to illustrate the helpful features of the MarcomCentral platform. We dubbed this illustration style the "helping hand" and it was effective not only at highlighting product features but also integrating personality throughout the brand all while maintaining a clean, professional looking aesthetic that pushed forward a feeling of confidence and organization that would appeal to larger enterprise size companies.

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Brand Identity
Web Design
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