Escaping the expected with a bold brand identity and custom packaging

Escapely, originally an online escape room company, came to FlowState Branding seeking to expand their puzzling expertise into the real world with city-specific escape rooms in a box that help people find new places in a fun and engaging way. We developed the brand identity looking for opportunities to incorporate a sense of mystery and intrigue, developing a brand pattern reminiscent of both a word search and wayfinding. We also instilled puzzles and mystery right into the logo which is made up of a maze and the letter 'e'.

Leveraging the high contrast color palette along with stylistic icons and the brand pattern, the packaging for the box was specifically designed to be eye-catching enough to prompt an onlooker to ask about it. While being visually engaging, the box also needed to be functional and prompt the player to perform actions in a specific sequence in order for the game to make sense and flow correctly. To do this we utilized the bright brand yellow to draw the eye to the starting point of the game which was a QR code on the side of the box. Once starting the game, the user then opens the box and uses a separate QR code to submit answers or get hints during gameplay. Since the branding project, Escapely has launched adventure boxes in 9 cities and blew their kickstarter campaign goal out of the water.

Project Type
Brand Identity
FlowState Branding