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Crafting a modern identity for an innovative healthcare workflow app dedicated to saving doctors time.

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  • Branding Identity
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Founded from a dedication to bettering the lives of healthcare providers, DocBuddy aims to provide an innovative solution to one of the biggest problems in healthcare: lost time. Many providers spend up to 2/3rds of their time on administrative tasks, which means less time with actual patients and less time to live their lives. DocBuddy addresses this problem with a centralized platform that streamlines the patient care process from scheduling to billing all while providing time saving tools such as mobile access to EMRs and voice dictation.

With a functioning app, basic website, and proof of concept, DocBuddy turned to FlowState Marketing to elevate their brand identity to one that matched their innovative and tech-forward personality. Working on the FlowState team, I played a large role in the creation of the brand’s visual identity and in the creation of the deliverable assets. Our aim was not only to craft a sleek and modern design aesthetic, but also to create an identity that would promote and inspire confidence.

the process

We were able to hone in on a single word that we felt encompassed the essence of the DocBuddy mission: TIME. By playing into this theme of time, we were able to keep a strong focus on the brand mission and at the same time create visually interesting graphic elements, such as recurring chronograph elements.  

Speaking to the brands colors, we wanted to stick to colors familiar to the healthcare industry - blues, teals, and whites. We knew that in its nature, DocBuddy would already be disruptive to the industry, so by playing into colors typically associated with the industry we could better establish trust and confidence in the brand.

The results

With the final brand direction established, we were able to produce cohesive assets that adhered to and expanded on DocBuddy’s visual identity. Among the assets created were brand guidelines, digital ads, business cards, letterhead, marketing collateral, and presentation deck.

It’s always satisfying to have positive reactions to the work that gets produced on any project, but in this case it was even more rewarding to be able to play a big part in creating the visual identity of a brand with such a cool mission.

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