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Dillon Community Church

A breath of fresh mountain air for a Summit County church's visual brand identity.

My Role

  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Collateral Design


  • Typo Design Studio

The Brand

A church with a rich history and deep roots in the mountain community, Dillon Community Church (DCC) was looking to update their brand in a way that better resonated with their community. The new visuals for the brand needed to be clean and modern while also preserving a feeling of heritage as a testament to the church's history reaching back over 100 years. We did this by riffing on the clean minimal Scandinavian design aesthetic, and pairing it with icons and illustrations that nodded to a classic etched or scratchboard illustration style.

The logo is a clean geometric take on the actual church building enclosed in a ring making the mark versatile and easy to use in a variety of lockups. The style was later expanded on to create a set of way-finding icons to symbolize various locations commonly used by the church: the main sanctuary, an outdoor amphitheater, etc.

A slightly serifed typeface was utilized as a title font to relay a feeling of heritage. Paired with a sans serif font for body text, the combination continues to build on the brand identity that is a mix between heritage and modern design. The brand logo and fonts combined with a color palette based on the church's surrounding natural landscape laid a strong foundation for what the church was hoping to accomplish with the new brand moving forward.


A library of illustrative icons was created throughout the branding process that could be used for anything from symbolizing the different ministries in the church, to being used as graphics for a sermon series. The icon set began with familiar Christian symbols, but the style was then expanded on to create additional illustrations that incorporated imagery of an outdoors lifestyle; a unique characteristic of their church community that played a key role in establishing their brand identity.

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